Abelon supplies staffing solutions, technology and equipment of the highest quality to customers in oil and gas, aquaculture and renewable energy.

We offer a complete concept in our specialist areas staffing and recruitment, technology development and innovation.

Abelon is a complete supplier of solutions for electrical and mechanical preservation. Through our specialized subsidiaries Abelon Management and Abelon Technology, we maintain the high level required of us as a service provider to industries with strict quality, precision and price requirements.

Professional Staffing

Abelon delivers staffing strategies tailored to our customers. Abelon offers qualified and competent personnel for both onshore and offshore projects.

Abelon’s operators are highly qualified in disciplines such as electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pipe, all types of welding, bolt loading, pressure testing and climbing. We have employees with extensive experience in drilling operations and supply personnel for most onshore and offshore drilling functions.

Do you need qualified personnel or help with recruitment? Would you like to hear more about how Abelon is adapting staffing solutions to your needs? Contact us for a chat today!

Technology and Equipment

Abelon develops and offers technologically innovative drilling and well solutions. We strive for a reduction in cost and increased security for onshore and offshore projects. Abelon helps you streamline operations and maintenance, and safeguards HSE and quality throughout the process.


Safeclaw renders tongs unnecessary while replacing the pipe pieces connected to the main shaft of the drilling machine. Safeclaw increases the safety on the drill floor and significantly reduces downtime.


Betro-Lock is used temporarily to seal pipes and valves. Abelon’s Betro-Lock plugs are designed for closing and opening pipes in several dimensions, reducing the use of chemicals and preventing accidental discharges to the sea.

Hangoff Tool

Abelon’s Hangoff Tool keeps the Conductor fixed during cementing and curing of the cement in the top hole. The Hangoff Tool is designed to hold weights up to 250 tons and can be moved from slot to slot without use of crane.

Inspection Sub

The Inspection Sub carries out live recording of inspection of BOP/ X-mas tree and wellhead.  Abelon’s Inspection sub is fitted directly to a drill pipe stand.

Dope Applicator

Abelon’s Dope System is designed to avoid clashing and to save time during drilling operations. Our solution moves the doping process from the iron roughneck to the Pipe Racking System (PRS).To eliminate the need to manually apply thread running/sealing compound (dope) on drill pipe on drill floor, the applicator automatically cleans, dries and dopes drill pipe threads within seconds before running the drill pipe into the hole.

Preservation and management

Abelon’s preservation model protects equipment and values ​​from external influences to extend service life and reduce climate impact. Our preservation teams offer complete electrical and mechanical preservation solutions based on a lifecycle perspective.

Abelon offers counselling and skills development within preservation management. We balance theoretical knowledge with operational experience and accredit our courses through acknowledged accreditation bodies in line with the customer’s requirements and expectations.

Abelon Group owns 20 % of Intercept Technology Norway.